POWERPETECH Industrial Power Supply
Smart, Uninterrupted and Clean Lithium-Ion Energy Source for Your Business!
POWERPETECH Industrial Power Supply

Designed for Your High Power Requirements
POWERPETECH; Thanks to its modularly expandable rack cabinet structure, it offers fast solutions for your desired power needs. It provides fast and simple installation with its modular plug-and-play structure and easy connection connectors into the 19” Rack cabinet.

48V lithium batteries with cutting-edge design and superior BATRON technology offer you unrivaled technical features compared to other battery types in the industry, as they have excellent service life and charge capacities.

Long lasting
Its LiFePO4 Battery pack ensures that it will serve you for many years. Thanks to its energy density and high capacity, LiFePO4 batteries can provide you with uninterrupted power wherever you are. These batteries, which have 4000 cycles (Charge-Discharge), offer you the first day quality for many years. It leaves no room for interruptions in your energy needs.

Reliable Technology
With the lithium battery management system (BMS) used in its Modular batteries and developed by Batron engineers, POWERPETECH has superior safety features with extra sensitive sensors and fuses, apart from basic protection features such as overcharge-discharge, overload, overcurrent and high or low temperature.

Savings Effect
POWERPETECH was designed in harmony with renewable energy sources. Thanks to its Solar Panel connection, it allows you to store energy from the sun during the day. You produce and use without spending money. In this way, you can reduce or even completely reset the energy costs of your business.

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