Electric Boat Battery
The Silent Power of the Green Marines!
Electric Boat Battery

BATRON AQUA - is the LFP Lithium battery that is safe, powerful, user-friendly and designed down to the last detail for the toughest uses.
It is a performance battery in IP67 Standards, developed by Batron Engineers to safely power electric motors for many years. It stores significantly more energy than other batteries and provides high current. It does not lose its charge capacity for at least 10 years, provides reliable power even in cold conditions, has no memory effect and lasts 5 times longer than conventional batteries.



Unlike lead-based batteries, lithium batteries always need a BMS to perform balancing and safety functions. If the electronic components of the BMS fail, it can become a safety issue for the battery. That's why BATRON batteries have hardware redundancy for all safety-related components.



Batron only uses Lithium cells from reputable manufacturers in Japan, Korea and the USA


IP 67 Standard

Batron Aqua is waterproof according to IP67. All hardware inside the battery is protected by this waterproofing.

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