Electric Vehicle Charging Station
New Generation EV Charge Station!
Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Fast Charging
The first question that comes to our mind without having an electric vehicle is how long will it take to charge? The status of your network at your location is checked by our field team. If you are eligible, we can provide Quick Charge support that suits your needs.

Use of Clean Energy
The Electric Vehicle Charging Station works in sync with other storage products produced by BATRON. In this way, you can integrate the energy generation, usage and storage options we provide with your Charging Station. You help to protect nature with your energy produced from renewable energy sources.


Innovative Technology

BATRON Electric Vehicle Charging Station (ELARI), designed for indoor/outdoor car parks, allows safe charging with its standard and fast charging options and structures that will not be affected by weather conditions. It has a design that is specially designed against impacts and vandalism and does not allow outside interventions. There is a clear and easy-to-use interface software. AC Charging Station is a unit that can charge electric vehicles as 1 phase and 3 phase at 16A, 32A and 63A levels. It has the capacity to charge in 1 to 4 hours, which varies according to the battery capacity of the vehicle. It has a structure called "Mode3" and a charging socket called "Type2" for charging.

Payment method
There are different payment methods for our products, including for individual use. We offer different payment options such as Credit card, Mobile payment, RFID Card scanning at your Charging Station or at our Charging Stations used in public areas. At the BATRON Electric Vehicle Charging Station of your choice, you can choose the option that suits you.

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