Military Batteries
Batron Smart Military Batteries!
Military Batteries

Military Batteries

When mission critical, BATRON Batteries make the difference

BATRON offers standard military battery solutions in many different technologies and customizes them according to customer requirements.

Our lightweight, compact batteries are field-proven to provide exceptional reliability and performance for military applications, from infantry communications, base camps and weapon systems to torpedoes, UAVs/UUVs, naval ships, aircraft and military vehicles.

Our reliable batteries and portable energy storage systems ensure that our soldiers have uninterrupted energy and communication continuity, allowing them to be safe. BATRON batteries developed for vehicle and weapon systems are unique from their competitors in the world with their low cost, low weight and high power advantages.


Our BATRON R&D results in continuous innovation – Our complex batteries use electronic systems and software developed entirely by BATRON engineers locally and nationally for power, safety and transmission of battery data to systems.

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