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Smart Poles are a sign that our city is developing and adapting to the world of technology and smart cities of the future, supporting all high-tech innovations efficiently and without limits.

What is a Smart City?

Smart Cities are cities that increase operational efficiency and reduce costs by collecting and analyzing data, sharing information with their citizens, and improving the quality of their services and the well-being of their citizens.

Smart cities use Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as connected sensors, lighting and meters to collect data. Cities then use this data to improve infrastructure, energy consumption, utilities and more. The model of smart city management is to develop a city that focuses on the balance of sustainable growth, environment and energy saving, and brings smart cities to Industry 4.0. BADI, BATRON smart poles, are smart city poles developed 100% domestically and nationally in this context.


Batron Smart Street Poles (BADI) are smart systems that contribute significantly to energy saving with the use of LED light sources, protect the environment, adjust the brightness depending on the time of day and ambient conditions, and are used as security, communication and energy sources.

Intelligent posts quickly and easily communicate with central control in the event of a malfunction; they can also be effectively controlled remotely.

We can make it more functional for you by adding many different technologies to BADI in line with your needs. Weather stations, emergency buttons, cameras, backlit information panel, various sensors or Wi-Fi transmitter are the features we apply most frequently. - so we help increase comfort, awareness and above all safety on the streets of a smart city.

Our BADI Smart poles are perfectly modular, so they can be produced with the functions you need. You have the chance to increase the functions of your smart pole by adding features you may need in the future at any time.

Generates Its Own Energy
Thanks to the solar panel on it, BADİ stores the energy it produces from the sun during the day and runs all the equipment on it with this energy. Even on days without the sun, it can keep the systems running for 2 days with the energy it stores. It works in harmony with the mains in areas with mains energy, when the mains is cut off, the backup power system is activated and continues to work.

It helps to reduce our carbon footprint and protect nature.


Efficient Lighting

LED lighting modules on BADİ can be produced in different lighting capacities according to your needs. LED modules can be operated with the sensors on them by programming when motion is detected, when it gets dark or between desired hours, thus reducing your carbon footprint by providing the most efficient lighting.

Provides security

You can remotely connect to the high-definition IP security camera on BADI with the mobile phone application, record and monitor backwards. Thanks to the camera mobility, you can direct your camera remotely and take video and sound from any angle and record.

Communicates Voice

With the built-in speaker in the BADİ Camera, you can direct the people around you by sending an audible warning from your mobile phone.

Remote Monitoring

Thanks to the remote connection module, you can easily learn the capacity of the battery pack in the BADİ Smart Lighting Pole, the energy it produces, the amount of consumption, and the life of the battery pack. At the same time, you can have instant information about the health status of all systems on it.

Wired and Wireless Charging
Mobile phone, scooter, etc. on the BADİ Smart Lighting Pole. There are also 220V Socket, USB and Type-C output ports and wireless charging sections for vehicles and devices. It is enough that your electronic device supports the wireless charging feature. The Wireless Charger section on the Smart Lighting Pole allows you to quickly charge your devices.

It provides uninterrupted access to BADI Energy.

Internet Distribution

BADİ Smart pole can distribute internet in the environment where it is located, provides high speed internet within an open area distance of approximately 500 meters, this distance can be increased up to 2 km. In this way, you can have uninterrupted internet access in your garden, in all areas where BADI is located, such as parks.

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